Process Drama Workshop with Pam Bowell

Saturday January 14th, 2023, 10AM CST 

Join Pam Bowell, internationally renowned educator and co-author of Planning Process Drama and Putting Process Drama Into Action, for this exciting in-depth workshop on Process Drama! Perfect for those new to the discipline or those who want to hone their skills, this workshop will focus on: 

  • Key principles of planning your process drama
  • Practical classroom examples across grade levels
  • Gaining Confidence with Teacher in Role skills
  • Using context and dramatic tension to create an engaging learning experience!

Process Drama is drama for learning.

It capitalizes on the innate human capacity to learn through imagined, shared experiences.  Through it, fictional contexts are created, roles developed, and dramatic tension introduced to form an imperative to resolve the dilemma of the drama.  It is in the resolution of that dilemma that learning happens.

This workshop will focus on key principles of planning process drama. We will be considering theory and practice exploring how the principles work across the age ranges through practical classroom examples to support teachers in enhancing their confidence and skills no matter their previous experience with Process Drama.

We will look at building a context, choosing roles, injecting dramatic tension, and selecting the drama strategies used to bring the drama into being. In particular, we will see how Teacher in Role is critical to the success of process drama and the learning of the participants because it is the teacher and participants working together in a process of co-creativity who build an engaging, compelling, and memorable learning experience.

About Pam Bowell

Pamela Bowell is internationally recognised for her work with children, young people, students and teachers. With them she explores the ways in which process drama provides a creative and compelling means to promote and develop learning across the curriculum and beyond.

She has a research and publication record in this field, particularly in collaboration with Brian Heap, including Planning Process Drama—enhancing teaching and learning and Putting Process Drama into Action—the dynamics of practice. She has been a secondary school drama teacher, a drama advisory teacher, a theatre in education actor/teacher and a university professor specialising in teacher education.


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Process Drama: Principles into Practice

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